Robb Stewart Brass Instruments
Fun for the Brass Instrument Fanatic
Along with my list of used brass instruments for sale, this
website is intended to show my work and interests that I have
spent over 30 years developing.  I have a passion for learning
and sharing the history of the brass instrument industry and the
instruments that they produced.  The largest areas of content is
in the "Museum" and "Restoration", each page featuring one or
more antique or otherwise historical instrument ranging in age
from 35 to 170 years.  Restoration is the focus of my business
and I will surely continue to add more pages in the future.  
"Other Projects" are the more unusual and even rather quirky
instruments that I have built or modified for customers.  
"Replicas" shows some of the historic reproductions that I have
built over the years, including some larger instruments that I no
longer make.  Most recently, I've added a section, "Mechanics"
where I share some specifics of the job, mostly for your interest,
but also to communicate to others in the field.  I will continue
adding content in all these catagories and thinking of new ways
of discovering and sharing information.  
Let me know if you
have any suggestions, corrections or even criticism as long as it's
constructive.  I'm sure that there will be errors in fact and
judgement contained here, and I am constantly making
corrections and additions where ever possible.  The "Links"
bugle to the left takes you to a page of links to other web sites
that I find interesting and informative where you can learn much
about brass musical instruments and their makers.  There are
also links to sites of other repairmen that are doing excellent

The information presented here is mostly for your entertainment
and education and for my desire to share my interests.  It is less
for promotion of my services, since I have had no excess
capacity for many years.  I work only on brass (cup mouthpiece)
instruments and no woodwind (reed) or other instruments.  In
the course of my business, I can often get smaller jobs done
within days or weeks.  My backlog of larger jobs, which includes
restoring and refinishing instruments is often more than six
months.  Since I only spend a small portion of my time custom
building historic reproductions and other such projects, the
backlog for these is usually longer.

I'm always interested in buying quality and desirable used and
antique brass instruments.  Please contact me if you have a
single instrument or a whole collection.  I don't do appraisals
anymore, mostly because of how drastically the market for used
and antique instruments has changed due to the ubiquity of the
internet.  If an appraisal is needed for other than estate
settlement or similar reasons, I would recommend that you
search the internet in general for dealers inventories and
specifically Ebay (completed listings for actual sales prices and
not the champagne dreams of unsold items!).  

The bulk of my business is repairing and maintaining  brass
instruments for my customers.  In the course of this work, I try
to educate these instrument owners on how to maintain the
mechanics with proper cleaning and lubrication.  I can't stress
too strongly that good habits will not only facilitate the best
performance today, but keep the instrument in good order for
many years to come.
I update my list of instruments for sale on a weekly basis
and add or edit content as my schedule allows.
Here are some pages that I added recently:

Dec. 5:
Arban-Bouvet and Other Compensagting Cornets
Sept. 5:  
More on James Keat and Graves & Co.
July 4:  English Slide Trumpet, William Harris
April 4:  More on Post Horns
March 14:  Keyed Trumpet by August Wolf
Oct. 19: Isaac Fiske Cornet with Double Piston Valves
There are over 200 pages of content on this website, mostly covering historical brass instruments and makers.  These
are all accessible through the linked bugle buttons to the left and update box to the right.  Each page includes
description and photos illustrating the topic.  
I always invite corrections of errors that I've made or any additional
 "Introduction" below to the right is a more wordy introduction to this site.
Click the linked names for pages covering
these instrument makers.  These are pages
that I've added over the last few years that
include some interesting history of the maker
or seller of the featured instrument(s).  Like
everything on this site, this is not a
comprehensive list and leaves out most of
my favorite Early US makers that are
covered far better in the various articles by
Robert Eliason.  However these are mostly
firms that were important to the US market.  
Some of these are from my own research
and others are reporting from previously
published histories.  I add to these histories
as more facts come to light.

Allen, Hall & Quinby
T.E. Benoit
Gustave Besson
Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory
William Brown and Sons
Henry Distin
Harvey Dodworth
George Freemantle
Gilmore & Co.
John Heald
Charles Willard Hutchins
James Keat
Henry and Carl Lehnert
McFadden & Beaumont
Z. Albert Meredith
F.E. Olds and Son
B.F. Richardson
S.W. Richardson
Adalbert Riedl
J.A. Rohé
E.E. Teltow
Earl Williams (and Wallace)
History of Brass Instrument Makers